Nursing Dress or Nightgown…You Decide!

The Sleepy Nursing Dress goes from day to evening or nursing pajamas…and keeps you looking great! Now that is what I call a versatile piece of breastfeeding clothing! And now it comes in soft organic cotton!


Originally this was intended as a nursing night gown. Women thought it looked too good to just wear to bed and started wearing it anywhere!

So wear it however you want…out on the town…or off to get some Zzzz’s.  It’s entirely up to you!

Available at Figure8Maternity.

gDiapers: Fashion Find for Your Baby’s Behind

Have you seen these fabulous eco-friendly gDiapers?

Hate the thought of washing countless diapers but also hate the idea of filling a landfill with the plastic ones? Especially when our breastfed babies seem to have to mess their little pants every time they eat?

Then these diapers are for you!


These super-cute diapers are WAY cuter than any ugly plastic pants!

They consist of washable, cotton outer pants in lots of great colors and have a plastic free flushable refill. They are made of breathable material just like sport clothing. So, babies stay dry and comfortable all day long!

Even if you can’t flush them, it’s still earth-friendly to toss their refills because they’re plastic-free! They break down in 50-150 days.

They contain no elemental chlorine or perfumes…and cause no smell, garbage, or guilt. We love them!

We found them at gDiapers online store!

Want Sexy Breastfeeding Pajamas? Try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas

If you are looking for sexy (but comfortable) breastfeeding pajamas…try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas!


Even if baby doesn’t want to sleep…IF you actually do have a chance to catch some Zs…then get all cozy in style with this M.J. Majamas sexy two-piece nursing pajama set.

The stylish crisscross top easily pulls aside for breastfeeding and even has handy pockets for breast pads.

How perfect is that? I’ll order two…and give the other as a perfect shower gift!

Available at NurturedFamily.