Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

The Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is a great pillow for nursing with when your baby needs a soft little boost so you don’t have to hold their full weight.  You can rest them on the Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow!

We found this one in several great patterns at!

Nursing Dress or Nightgown…You Decide!

The Sleepy Nursing Dress goes from day to evening or nursing pajamas…and keeps you looking great! Now that is what I call a versatile piece of breastfeeding clothing! And now it comes in soft organic cotton!


Originally this was intended as a nursing night gown. Women thought it looked too good to just wear to bed and started wearing it anywhere!

So wear it however you want…out on the town…or off to get some Zzzz’s.  It’s entirely up to you!

Available at Figure8Maternity.

gDiapers: Fashion Find for Your Baby’s Behind

Have you seen these fabulous eco-friendly gDiapers?

Hate the thought of washing countless diapers but also hate the idea of filling a landfill with the plastic ones? Especially when our breastfed babies seem to have to mess their little pants every time they eat?

Then these diapers are for you!


These super-cute diapers are WAY cuter than any ugly plastic pants!

They consist of washable, cotton outer pants in lots of great colors and have a plastic free flushable refill. They are made of breathable material just like sport clothing. So, babies stay dry and comfortable all day long!

Even if you can’t flush them, it’s still earth-friendly to toss their refills because they’re plastic-free! They break down in 50-150 days.

They contain no elemental chlorine or perfumes…and cause no smell, garbage, or guilt. We love them!

We found them at gDiapers online store!

Breastfeeding and Alcohol Help

There is a cool new product called Milkscreen that analyzes breast milk for alcohol and gives moms with a clear positive or negative reading.


Now you don’t have to wonder if your breast milk is safe for baby anymore!

We found it at

Want Sexy Breastfeeding Pajamas? Try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas

If you are looking for sexy (but comfortable) breastfeeding pajamas…try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas!


Even if baby doesn’t want to sleep…IF you actually do have a chance to catch some Zs…then get all cozy in style with this M.J. Majamas sexy two-piece nursing pajama set.

The stylish crisscross top easily pulls aside for breastfeeding and even has handy pockets for breast pads.

How perfect is that? I’ll order two…and give the other as a perfect shower gift!

Available at NurturedFamily.

Mamas Need Vitamin D (Babies Too!)

We recently ran an article on our site about Vitamin D Supplements and now found a great product to help with this.

Vitamin D supplements like Ddrops are used by many adults in Canada and North America, based on advice from their doctors.  They can often help increase energy and ease depression in new moms.

Baby Ddrops are great for your little one and recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We found them at

Breastfeeding in Style: The Papillon Nursing Cover

The Papillon Nursing Cover will have you breastfeeding in style!

Papillon Nursing Cover

This Bebe au Lait nursing cover has the same great features as the original but in this great new pattern. It is a “Mommy Must-Have” for celebrities, medical professionals and moms like you and me!

We found it at Figure8Maternity.

Boob Tie Nursing Dress Sale

One of our favorite nursing dresses is on sale for over $35 off!

Boob Tie Front Dress

The Boob nursing dress is fantastic!  It has a double layer of fabric that is hidden by the tie opening to just look fabulous!  The fabric can be simply pushed aside with one hand, leaving the other one free to breastfeed your baby.

We found this deal with free shipping at Nurtured Family.

Fabulous Nursing Dress from Penelope Cross

No frumpy mamas in this nursing dress from Penelope Cross!

Penelope Cross Nursing Dress

This dress allows you to look fabulous, but leaves no need to get completely undressed or leave the room to nurse your little one! To breastfeed, just pull up on right side and pull down on left side. Cross sheared bust of the dress gives you coverage while nursing on either side.

We found it at Figure8Maternity.

Last Day to Save! What’s on Sale?

Figure 8 Maternity is having a sale offering 10% off all nursing essentials  if you use the coupon code NursingWeek09 through August 31.

Nursing Essentials

Click here to check out what is on sale!

Figure8Maternity Semi-annual Sale

Do you need to stock up on nursing tops, nursing bras or maternity clothes?  Then head over to Figure8Marenity right now for their semi-annual sale.  Some items are marked down 70%!

 Emily Nursing TunicBellabumbum Nursing Pajamas

Nursing Tube TopEasy Bra
You can get an additional 20% deals on all sorts of items with the coupon code:  Summer09

Click here to see what is on sale! (We saved a bunch!!!)

Oragnic Nursing Bras and More on Sale!

Figure 8 Maternity is having a special sale on everything organic…now 20% off for the entire month of April.  You can save on organic nursing bras, breastfeeding dresses and more!

Easy Bra

Click here and use the code: earthday09 to see what is on sale and get the discount now!


Deal of the Day: Lily Padz at the Lowest Price on the Net!

If you haven’t tried LilyPadz yet…NOW IS A GREAT TIME.

LilyPadz Nursing Pads

If you don’t know about LilyPadz, they are cute non-absorbent nursing pads that can even be worn without a bra! You can even swim or go strapless! They are transparent and work like a second skin!

Right now they are available at the lowest price that we have ever seen anywhere at Supermomz and include free shipping!

Grab a set for you and grab a pair for a friend while they are still on sale!

Holiday Party Nursing Dress

This One Hot Mama Black Formal Nursing Dress is a must-have for your next holiday party!


Whether you wear it for a night on the town, to an office Christmas party or order to have something fabulous to wear for a New Year’s Eve, you will love this nursing dress!

It has a pattern of black roses with nude lining. The top layer lifts to access dual pocket-style breastfeeding openings underneath.

You will LOVE it!

We found it at

Majamas Holiday Nursing Dress

Looking for that special dress for a holiday party? Then you may fall in love with the Majamas Holiday Nursing Dress.

Majamas Holiday Nursing Dress

This dress would be great for any holiday gathering or party. To breastfeed, you just pull aside the top to reveal an under layer with a circle cut out of it!

We found it at Amazon.

Boob Turtleneck Nursing Dress

Talk about versatile! This Boob Turtleneck Nursing Dress is a must-have! Whether you wear it with leggings, tights or even over jeans. It is cute, stylish and warm…even while breastfeeding your little one!


There is even a great story behind it. Apparently, designer Mia Seipel decided to create the Boob line of breastfeeding clothing after sitting in a cold park with her new sister who was a new mom. When her sister breastfed her nephew, she couldn’t hide her middle — and who wants to show off their post partum belly right away and get chilly doing it? So Mia was inspired!

Now Seipel is a new mom herself. She wants every woman to be able to breastfeed in style and comfort.

What a great story to go with the fabulous dress!

We found it at

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