Looking for Fabulous Nursing Pajamas?

You are in luck with the Japanese Weekend Seasonless Wrap Nursing Pajamas!

Slip comfortably in (and out) of sleep with these beautiful pajamas in soft cotton. These great pajamas include a three-quarter sleeve wrap top and pant, both trimmed with a fabulous lettuce-edging ruffle. It gives and stretches, so these pajamas can be worn during as well as for in breastfeeding comfort and style!

They are available at Amazon.

Last Day to Save! What’s on Sale?

Figure 8 Maternity is having a sale offering 10% off all nursing essentials  if you use the coupon code NursingWeek09 through August 31.

Nursing Essentials

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Free Shipping on Teething Bling!

For a limited time: Free shipping on all Teething Bling necklaces in our Nursing Necklace Shop right now!!!

Teething Bling Moonstone

Nursing Necklace Clerance Sale

Our store is having its first EVER clearance sale of some of your favorite nursing necklaces to make room for new designs. Enjoy great prices on in-stock items while supplies last!


You can find out more at our Breastfeeding Magazine Nursing Necklace Store!

Big Sister Necklace on Sale Now!

Looking for something for Big Sister when you bring the new baby home?


“Big Sister” necklaces are a hit with little divas everywhere! Show Big Sis that she can have a great necklace just like mommy’s new one! They are a safe nursing necklace…but made for when big sister holds the baby to get his or her attention and be your big helper!

It is only available in our Nursing Necklace Shop and on sale now!

Teething Bling for Christmas

If you are looking for great gifts for new moms, consider Teething Bling!

There is still time to order before Christmas!

Nursing Necklace

Order from our Breastfeeding Magazine Nursing Necklace Shop by Friday December 19 for delivery by Christmas!

Teething Bling Gift Set

It is not too late to get Teething Bling Gift Sets in time for the holidays!

Teething Bling Gift Set now!

This favorite gift set comes with a teething necklace, matching bracelet and (depending on the set) either a corresponding bracelet or matching key chain!

It is beautifully packaged in a purple frame for gift giving.

So whether you need to tell Santa to buy you the set or if you know a mom who would love it…you still have time to see it under the tree!

Available with free shipping in our Nursing Necklace Shop

Nursing Necklaces in Holiday Colors on Sale Now!

 Get into the holiday spirit!

Christmas Nursing Necklace

Holiday colors

Nursing Necklaces in Holiday Colors are on Sale Now in our Nursing Necklace Shop!

Metallic Color Teething Bling on Sale

Fun new Metallic Teething Bling nursing necklaces are now on sale!


These cool new sytles are the same silicone used in all other Teething Bling necklaces but look like great antique metal pieces.

Available now in Gold, Silver and Bronze in our and on sale now in our Nursing Necklace Shop!

New Breastfeeding Necklaces!

Great new breastfeeding necklaces have arrived that nursing babies will LOVE!




Check out the new arrivals in our Nursing Necklace Shop.

Nursing Necklace Style!

New styles of nursing necklaces have arrived!

Spice Nursing Necklace

Check out the great new looks available now in our Nursing Necklace Shop!

Nursing Necklace for Boys

If your little man thinks that your nursing necklace is a little too girly for him, why not try the Boys Fun Nursing Nursing Necklace?


With fun animal, transportation and and sports beads…your little one will be delighted!

Big brothers love them too.

Now available in our Nursing Necklace Shop.

Teething Bling

Have you ever seen Teething Bling? It is a great line of jewelry for mom that baby can safely chew on!

Nursing Necklace


Yes! We have found a fabulous jewelry line that is safe for a teething baby!

They look like they are beautiful gemstone jewelry, but they are actually made of silicone which is safe for kids to chew and are even dishwasher-safe!

We carry them in Breastfeeding Magazine’s Nursing Necklace Shop!

Baby Favorite Nursing Necklaces on Sale

Want a great deal on the nursing necklaces that breastfeeding babies and toddlers love? Then now is a great time!

Nursing Necklaces Breastfeeding Babies Love

Some of our necklaces are fun for babies, but are meant to be fashionable for mom!

However, the necklaces on sale this week are clearly inspired by the little ones that we love (and maybe a little bit of Dr. Seuss inspiration as well!)

On sale now in the Breastfeeding Magazine Nursing Necklace Shop.

Nursing Necklaces are “Hot!”

Pregnancy and Newborn magazine put two of the nursing necklaces in our store on their “What’s hot!” list for new moms!

Teething Bling Jade Necklace

Earth Stone Nursing Necklace

You can find them in our Nursing Necklace Store now.

New Nursing Necklace Colors!

We have added some great new nursing necklaces to our store with some beautiful colors for spring and summer fashions!

Purity Nursing Necklace

Check it out in our Breastfeeding Magazine Nursing Necklace Shop!

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