Looking for Fabulous Nursing Pajamas?

You are in luck with the Japanese Weekend Seasonless Wrap Nursing Pajamas!

Slip comfortably in (and out) of sleep with these beautiful pajamas in soft cotton. These great pajamas include a three-quarter sleeve wrap top and pant, both trimmed with a fabulous lettuce-edging ruffle. It gives and stretches, so these pajamas can be worn during as well as for in breastfeeding comfort and style!

They are available at Amazon.

Aimee Gowns Nursing Pajamas on Sale

One of our favorite Nursing Pajamas is on sale for up to 30% off !


The Aimee breastfeeding gown is beautiful, comfortable and holds nursing pads in place without having to wear a nursing bra to bed. (Warning: men tend to think the cranberry and black gowns are very sexy!!!)

On sale now at Amazon.com

Nursing Dress or Nightgown…You Decide!

The Sleepy Nursing Dress goes from day to evening or nursing pajamas…and keeps you looking great! Now that is what I call a versatile piece of breastfeeding clothing! And now it comes in soft organic cotton!


Originally this was intended as a nursing night gown. Women thought it looked too good to just wear to bed and started wearing it anywhere!

So wear it however you want…out on the town…or off to get some Zzzz’s.  It’s entirely up to you!

Available at Figure8Maternity.

Wendy Nursing Pajamas

Looking for a favorite new set of nursing pajamas?   The Wendy Pajamas by LeLeche League are a great choice!

Wendy Nursing Pajamas

These nursing pajamas are soft and made of breathable cotton to fit you without binding.  They also have a stretchable elastic neckline that can be easily pulled down for easy nursing even in the middle of the night!

We found them at Figure8Maternity.

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Night Gown

The Glamourmom Nursing Bra Night Gown eliminates the need to wear a nursing bra AND a nightgown! A light mesh liner holds nursing pads in place so you can go bra-less and still have support and protection!

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Night Gown

It has an empire waist and is knee-length for fabulous style. With a black satin V-neck and black satin trim, this nursing gown with look fantastic on any new mom!

We found it at Nurtured Family.

Want Sexy Breastfeeding Pajamas? Try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas

If you are looking for sexy (but comfortable) breastfeeding pajamas…try the M.J. Nursing Pajamas!


Even if baby doesn’t want to sleep…IF you actually do have a chance to catch some Zs…then get all cozy in style with this M.J. Majamas sexy two-piece nursing pajama set.

The stylish crisscross top easily pulls aside for breastfeeding and even has handy pockets for breast pads.

How perfect is that? I’ll order two…and give the other as a perfect shower gift!

Available at NurturedFamily.

Mamas Need Vitamin D (Babies Too!)

We recently ran an article on our site about Vitamin D Supplements and now found a great product to help with this.

Vitamin D supplements like Ddrops are used by many adults in Canada and North America, based on advice from their doctors.  They can often help increase energy and ease depression in new moms.

Baby Ddrops are great for your little one and recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We found them at Ddrops.ca

Deal of the Day: Great Bra-less Nursing Pajamas on Sale

Looking for a great set of Bra-less Nursing Pajamas? Then try this great find from Aimee Gowns now on sale for $20 off the regular price!


These super comfortable nursing pajamas have great give and stretch for a perfect fit every time. They also hold nursing pads in place perfectly and therefore eliminate the need to wear any uncomfortable nursing bras to bed.

These pajamas look so good that you will wear them even after you are done breastfeeding!

You can order your own for $20 off right now at Amazon.com

Sexy Olian Nursing Nightgown Set

You will love this sexy satin-trimmed nursing nightgown set from Olian.

This pewter nightgown set has a satin trimmed ruffle bottom and nursing adjustable spaghetti straps and a matching robe. This will make any new mommy feel sexy.

We found it at Amazon.com

Aimee Nursing Gown Sale

Get up to 30% off these fabulous bra-less Aimee Nursing Gowns right now!


One of our all time favorite nursing gowns, this nightgown holds nursing pads in place without having to wear a nursing bra to bed. The black and cranberry versions are especially stunning!

Nursing Pajama Favorites by Esme

Want a new set of nursing pajamas that will soon become one of your favorites? Then check out these fabulous Soft Modal Nursing Pajamas by Esme.

Soft Modal Nursing Pajamas by Esme

These pajamas are so comfortable and can be worn in pregnancy and throughout nursing. Even the lace trim is soft and stretchy for ultimate comfort!

Just pull aside to breastfeed with ease.

We found it at Figure8Maternity.

Majamas Lace Sleep Set

Check out this Majamas Lace Sleep Set!

Majamas Sleep Set

Available in black, pewter or raspberry, this nursing nightgown has a lace-trimmed overcoat and is both comfortable and sexy!  No question that you can breastfeed in style with this great find!

You can find yours at NurturedFamily.com

Last Day to Save! What’s on Sale?

Figure 8 Maternity is having a sale offering 10% off all nursing essentials  if you use the coupon code NursingWeek09 through August 31.

Nursing Essentials

Click here to check out what is on sale!

Jessica Scott Organic Nursing Nightgown

Want a “Night to Remember”?  That is the name of this fabulous nursing dress by Jessica Scott…with good reason!

nursing dress by Jessica Scott

This stunning 100% organic floor length nursing nightgown has an adjustable empire waist, a seductive side slit, and beautiful bodice where gathered fabric comes to a deep V in front.

Made of silky soft organic Tencel, this gown is stylish enough to wear in front of visitors…while still having easy nursing access that will come in handy in the wee hours of the night.

You will love it!

We found it at Figure8Maternity.

Figure8Maternity Semi-annual Sale

Do you need to stock up on nursing tops, nursing bras or maternity clothes?  Then head over to Figure8Marenity right now for their semi-annual sale.  Some items are marked down 70%!

 Emily Nursing TunicBellabumbum Nursing Pajamas

Nursing Tube TopEasy Bra
You can get an additional 20% deals on all sorts of items with the coupon code:  Summer09

Click here to see what is on sale! (We saved a bunch!!!)

Bellabumbum Nursing Pajamas

Want comfortable and sexy nursing pajamas?  Then you will love this new set by Bellabumbum!

Bellabumbum Nursing Pajamas

This very flattering baby doll top has lace accents that match the lace details on the pant.  To breastfeed, it has a drop-open bust with nursing frame.

We found it at Figure8maternity.com.

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